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These are not medical aid plans - they are Hospital Plans

Get cover from as little as R99 per month
Nobody wants to think about being hospitalized, and you’re lucky if you never have to go through that ordeal. But if it ever does happen, wouldn’t it be great to know that you are financially prepared for it? Being admitted to hospital is always stressful, and the medical bills are steep enough to give you a heart attack!

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Hospital PLUS Plan Benefits include: • Plans from R99 per month
• Up to R200,000 Hospital Cover per year
• Up to R20,000 Lump Sum per stay (if hospitalised for more than 48 hrs)
• Daily cash amount of up to R2,000 per day for hospital stays longer than 10 days
•Plus: Up to R200,000 cover for Accidental Death
•Plus: Up to R200,000 cover for Accidental Disability
•Plus: Up to R200,000 cover for Dread Disease
Premium Hospital cash back plan Benefits include: • From R255 per month
• Pays up to R5 000 per day you are in hospital, if you are hospitalised for more than 2 days
• Benefit paid from day one
• Includes maternity benefit
• Cash back after every 60 premiums paid, even if you have claimed and 50% extra if you remain claim free during this period
• Accidental Death, Accidental Disability and Dread Disease benefit
The Benefits of having Hospital Insurance •Financial peace of mind
•You can get cover for you and your family
Your health is your prime asset, make sure it’s adequately covered. Request a quote today!
Please note that the offers listed above are Hospital Plans, not medical aid plans.