Website Insight

"Website Insight has all major features included in the most
popular and costly SEO offerings, for a fraction of the price!"
John Wesley

A Responsive Revolution
Build and design responsive layouts and navigation menus like a boss.
HTML Editor
The reliable award winning web design rockstar that built a huge dedicated fan base.

Website Insight
Analyze 70+ factors that improve your website's usability and search rank.
Form Builder
Full form design control: order, contact reservation, subscribe and any other form you desire!

Form Builder + Themes + Book = $79!!
Limited time offer: The #1 Web Form Software with a boat load of cool, Responsive Themes and Form Design Book for a crazy price. Create contact forms, surveys, reservation forms, sophisticated order forms, and anything in between. With the most complimented Web Form App around, plus the additional tools you're all set to perfect the art of form building. Now go and get your submit rates going through the roof!

Save over 60% with the Web Form Pack

Go Responsive:

Billions of people browse the Web using tablets and mobile devices. But the same Website is also visited from laptops and big screen monitors. To assure a good looking, usable website for every viewer your site needs to be responsive. Your navigation menu, page layout and other elements need to adapt to any screen, big or small, PC or mobile, 28" iMac or granny's Pentium. And our Responsive Program will give you the tools to get the job done.

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What our customers are saying about us...
Megan S.

I'd been struggling with logging in to any FTP client on my windows 8 machine, and after installing and uninstalling about 5 other programs, I looked through the troubleshooting guide for your FTP client which I had just downloaded, and finally found a page that explained everything without either going over my head, or oversimplifying it. After two hours of banging my head against a wall, I can finally get something done. Thanks for providing such an awesome FTP client, and nicely written documentation to go along with it! :)"
Megan S.

William V.

I gotta tell you, I hired a "designer" to create a site for one of our companies, thinking maybe he'd do a better job than I was able to do myself. Well, 3 months later, I've fired him and went back to Coffee Cup and redesigned the site myself! It's much better! With the ease of use and your helpful support, quickly and conveniently, I am able to keep complete control, and fix any problems, make additions, updates, etc. whenever I'd like! You guys are the best!"
William V.

Web Design Since 1996

Its true, we were born in an actual coffee shop back in 1996. There we developed one of the most popular and widely used web design tools in the industry: the HTML Editor.

Since then, weve evolved with the web to bring you numerous new releases, and dozens of new innovative software products for developing and enhancing websites.

We Love Our Regulars

Weve got the greatest customers on Earth. Our forums are frequented by thousands of Webbies designers, developers and web entrepreneurs just like yourself.

We're happy to host a prosperous community of people who are eager to give advice, help with our (and your!) software, or just chat about web design and internet business.

Award-winning Support

When you buy our software, you get support for life. With one of the most complimented support staffs on the web, you'll get all the help you need.

At CoffeeCup you get your very own personal support room where you can speak with our staff about a wide range of topics. And since we're a real business with real people, you can talk to us over the phone too!

Control Your Web Presence

Having a professional presence on the Web is critical to any business these days. So our mission is simple: providing you with the best products and latest technologies for managing and growing your sites and stores.

Whether you want to build web forms, or design responsive layouts and sites, with our Apps you get a fast and fun way to rule the web.


We started in a real coffee house in 1996 with the HTML Editor. Our philosophy has always been to create web design software and services so you can make better Websites. We are dedicated to helping you with extraordinary support so we can succeed together.

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