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ChristianCafe.com has been successfully connecting Christian singles since 1999.

What makes ChristianCafe.com different?
We have been matching Christian singles online since 1999 -- experienced, not fly-by-night.
We are actually Christian owned which creates legitimacy among the Christian community (unlike our major competitors).

We allow new members to try the service first with a free trial

More about ChristianCafe.com:

Within minutes of clicking through from your site, members can communicate with other Christian singles. The sign up process takes a few minutes time (multiple choice and optional short answer questions) and then their free trial begins (7 days + 3 more w/ a photo). The free trial includes communicating by system email and participating in Forum discussion.

The free trial allows members to get acquainted with the service - and hooked on its potential - proving to them the value and thus increasing the chance of payment (and affiliate earnings). After trial completion, members select from various